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Musical Selections (pre-2010)
Selections from my catalog.

Hoglen and Wages Selections (2010-present)
Selections of tunes written/performed with Eric Hoglen.

(added in 2014)

Produced by Daniel Chilton in 2011
(recorded at The Hoglen Residence Studios)

Produced by Daniel Chilton in 2012
(recorded at Drago Recording Studios)
Demos & Lo-Fi Stuff:

The EAF (European/American Friendship) Selections
Selections of tunes written/performed with Michael Winter.

Music: @Songfight page
Generally, the newer the tune, the better overall songwriting and sound. I have entered over 40 original songs on this site [38 solo and several with collaborators] and will continue to do so; some are even good!

Music: @MySpace (no longer maintained)
4 semi-ever-rotating songs, tons of pictures, non-sense blog info

Music: FAWM.org 2008 Album
A songwriting website where they challenge people to write 14 or more songs in the month of February. This was my first album there 'completed' on 2/24/2008. My personal favorite songs are:

NOTE: These are more "demo-y" than most other tracks I've done elsewhere, so be prepared for more bruises (I.E. Bad notes)

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Patrick's Planes

Mostly paper airplane info and tons of designs w/ blog, family pages, and other hobbies.


where I work

eMoviePoster.com.  We sell vintage movie posters, der!


All content including original songs copyright Phil Wages 1995-2013.  All Rights Reserved.  I'm happy to share my music for free, so don't try to rip me off!  If you want to record any songs as a cover, contact me through My MySpace to discuss it.  I'm sure we could come up with a really reasonable arrangement based on your situation.